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WHY COLD PRESSED?! 為什麼好的油脂需要冷壓?
加熱脂肪(油)時,其分子結構會受到損害,產生致癌的自由基。相較於其他植物油椰子油於溫度是屬於穩定性高的了,但不加熱的製程仍是最好的方法。When fats (oils) are heated, their molecular structure is compromised, creating carcinogenic free radicals. Coconut oil is more stable to heat than other plant oils, but it is still best when produced without heat.

Oils that are heated, when ingested, can contribute to cardiovascular disease and difficulty of the blood to efficiently transport oxygen due to arteriosclerosis.

飲食中若攝取經過熱製程的油,會導致肌膚粉刺和身體的異味。Ingestion of heated oils can also contribute to acne and foul body odor.

真正的冷榨油將完整的保持其營養成分,其脂肪結構保持不變,並且它們的味道令人深刻,而保存期也可以持續很長的時間,最主要是因為油的製程並沒有被加熱處理過,因此酸壞的時間相較也會非常地緩慢。Truly cold-pressed oils will maintain their nutrient profile, their fats will remain uncorrupted, they taste amazing and they last long, as the oils have not been heated so are less likely to go rancid quickly.
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